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The Puppy Parent Guide

The Puppy Parent Guide

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A step by step guide to help new puppy parents understand what is expected of them as parents.


The Puppy Parent Guide


This step by step guide was created to help new puppy parents understand what is expected of them as new puppy parents and what they can expect from a new puppy.   Also, how to deal with a puppy.   It gives you the tools to navigate through the puppy transition stage on track from day one.  Setting you and the puppy up for success.   A knowledgeable puppy parent = Success.

I am committed to providing the best possible education to all puppy parents, so they have the knowledge and tools they need to guide their puppy through the transition stage successfully.

You will find tips for, potty training, deep drive on crate training, socialization, vaccination recommendations, grooming, etc.

2 reviews for The Puppy Parent Guide

  1. kathy

    i love this!

  2. Lise J (verified owner)

    The Puppy Parent Guide coaches you and your new puppy towards a loving relationship from the first day of your life together. It is a very reliable guide which answers all the commonly asked questions such as the best way to potty train and why it is very important to crate train. It also includes an extensive section with sound advice regarding the best way to care for your puppy’s health. I highly recommend the E3 Training Program—it is a very valuable resource for all new puppy parents.

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