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Free Puppy Parent Pre-Purchase Guide

Free Puppy Parent Pre-Purchase Guide

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A helpful FREE guide that will answer your questions before purchasing a puppy.


Free Puppy Parent Pre-Purchase Guide


This guide was created to help people make the right decisions and answer their questions.   Is a puppy right for me?   What do I need to consider before getting a puppy?  What do I need to look for?  What are the red flags I need to be aware of?    This guide was created to give you those answers and more to help you make the right decisions.   The biggest mistake I see people make is choosing the wrong breed of dog for their lifestyle and experience.    I am committed to providing the best possible education to all puppy parents, so they have the knowledge and tools they need to guide their puppy through the transition stage successfully.

1 review for Free Puppy Parent Pre-Purchase Guide

  1. Lise J (verified owner)

    I very highly recommend this guide for everyone considering bringing a puppy into their lives. It is filled with very helpful information—from choosing the right pup, to equipping new parents to make the right decisions to raise a happy, healthy puppy. It is an EXCELLENT guide which gives new parents confidence to start building the best possible emotional bonds with their new puppy as they begin a new, fun journey together!

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